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Waterproof Dog Beds

If you are looking for waterproof dog beds in the UK, we have a range of products including extra large waterproof dog beds. When choosing a waterproof dog beds, you need to be sure that the waterproof dog beds is the correct size for your dog and also suitable for your purpose and location.

What defines a waterproof dog beds?

Waterproof dog beds is essentially a normal dog or pet bed that has a waterproof cover and a specific filling that is appropriate for use in damp or wet environments.

Where can I use a waterproof dog beds?

Waterproof dog beds is ideal for any normal application or use, but a waterproof dog bed has a dual capability in that it is suitable for damp or wet environments. A waterproof dog bed is especially useful for working dogs, gardens, kennels, holiday homes or in the car. A waterproof dog bed gives you the freedom to have a multi-purpose bed that is ideal for holidays, camping and outdoor activities.

With a waterproof dog bed, there is no need to fully dry your dog before letting them relax on a bed. A waterproof pet bed is also a great idea for active dogs, where water and dirt are common. A waterproof dog bed gives you the flexibility to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for your best friend, irrespective of the outdoor conditions.

All in all, a waterproof dog bed is an invaluable all-round bed for your pet.

Waterproof Dog Beds

The office is just about recovering from its time at Crufts last week. We had a stand this year and were showing our Trionz magnetic dog collars and took along our designer fabric, Crumb Memory Foam Beds and our Waterproof Crumb Memory Foam Beds. We were astounded by the success of the Crumb Memory Foam Beds and in particular how well the waterproof beds were sold given that they are heavy to carry away from the show.

The waterproof beds are made from a sturdy fabric which can be hosed down or the cover taken off and washed in the washing machine. Our beds can be used inside or outside and can be put in the boot of your car or taken camping as they are ideal for the dogs that get muddy or love to swim. Inside the bed is crumb memory foam in a corvine casing. Memory foam adjusts to the weight and heat from a body and adjusts itself to anatomically support the animal. It’s often used in the NHS for the same properties as it means patients don’t have to be turned as often as there is no pressure from the body. The beds are ideal for dogs on so many practical levels and are very reasonably priced.

Another popular feature of the beds is that they come in very large sizes, from medium at 75cm x 60cm to XXL (extra, extra large) at 132cm x 100cm. We can even make bespoke, longer covers than this although the XXL fits the Irish Wolfhounds, Great Danes and Pyrenean Mountain Dogs.

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Dog Ruff ® - Supertough Hardwearing Pet Bed COVERS

Picture of Dog Ruff ® - Supertough Hardwearing Pet Bed COVERS
Our Dog Ruff Supertough Beds are the toughest around! Should you want a different colour or a spare cover: we have them ready for you...

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Dog Ruff® - Supertough, Waterproof, Hardwearing Pet Beds

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Dog Ruff® 100% Waterproof and hardwearing, these beds can be used outside or inside and have the added benefit of Memory Foam Crumb

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